So, do you know all of the reasons why you should go green? Well, we do and so we at Solar4Life have compiled the biggest list of reasons you will ever see about how you can make your life environmentally friendly.

Can you read all the way to reason number 117?

We challenge you!

1 Eat Naturally

Mother Nature has been looking after all of us for millions of years, providing humanity and all its beautiful creatures with rich, healthy and organic foods. Mother Nature creates life plant and animal life every day maintaining the circle of life. Almost 75% of all plant life provided by her can be consumed as a food source. By going green in your home with your eating habits you open yourself and your family to a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

2 Environmental Impact

Everything you own comes from somewhere, meaning that in some way it has an environmental impact. By recycling items to use and build with, you do your part to preserve the world.

3 Electricity

When you get home at night all you have to do is flick a switch to get light or to boil the kettle for a nice cup of coffee. But the electricity you receive has to come from somewhere, has to be created out of materials that are available in nature but there are better ways to get electricity, ways that allow you to preserve nature. Solar energy, such as solar geysers and solar panels, is one of them. By making use of this you ensure that there will still be trees left for your children’s children to enjoy.

4  Carbon Dioxide

This is most probably the biggest killer of the environment and the Ozone layer. This affects not only the weather but also the air that we, along with plants and animals need to survive. Wouldn’t you like your grandchildren and their children to enjoy the fresh breathable air? By making use of public transport, riding your bicycle or even walking to work if possible, you are doing your bit to protect the Ozone.

5 Recycle

Nature recycles everything, do you? Most of the things we use are not recyclable and we tend to not even recycle those things which are polluting the world, littering the ground. This inevitably pollutes the water and air, killing defenceless animals. Start recycling every day and you will start to see a difference.

6 Ever thought you could go green with your clothing?

What most people don’t know is that most of the materials used for clothing is grown, and hazardous dyes are often used. Choose to wear clothing made of 100% cotton that will not only let your body breath but will both look good and be good for nature.

7 H2O

We all know how important water is. The devastating drought that took place in the Free State, South Africa over the past year, took numerous human and animal lives. Water is so precious and powerful. By saving water you do your part to ensure that there will still be some tomorrow. If you save, you help your local municipality as well and by using natural water resources and not bottled water, you lower the use of plastics and the shipping of the products, a method that can also pollute the earth. By being conservative you help future generations to grow up with the luxury of opening a tap and having water.


8 Save on your electrical bills

Making use of the current systems such as solar panels to generate energy you immediately increase your savings and save our planet.

9 Home value increase

Eco-friendly is the newest focus in the property market right now. The “greener” you design and develop your home, the higher you push up the value of your home.

10 Save money on water

You now have the potential to save yourself hundreds or even thousands of rands by installing a plumbing system that is developed to save water, making it possible for you to use less water and save on your water bill every month.

11 Durable homes

Recycling products, when building an eco-friendly home will guarantee that your home has a longer lifespan.

12 Fresh air is quite important

An eco-friendly vehicle takes you one step closer to preventing your children’s children of being forced to walk around with oxygen masks every day because the air is polluted. 90% of the vehicles that are environmentally friendly are also more affordable and fuel economical.

13 Kids Futures

When you commit to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you are making sure that your children have a future on this planet

14 Buy less

By going green in your home you inadvertently convince yourself to recycle and re-use items making your monthly purchasing spree smaller thus saving time and money.

15 Tapping into your creativity

Recycling in your home and at your workplace will assist you in the most miraculous manner to tap into your creativity.

16 Self-Sufficiency

Once you choose to go green you are teaching yourself to be more sufficient and to not rely on fuels and other harmful products.

17 Boosting your economy

A strong economy is a stable economy. By going green in your home with your meals, you help to boost the local economy and convince your friends and family. This will start a chain reaction that will spread like wildfire and further assist the economy.

18 Productivity

We all know that eating healthy and exercising make for a more productive lifestyle, however by going green in your home you increase productivity.

19 Saving rainforests

If you have green fingers and a love for animals going green is your best way of helping to preserve the rain forests.

20 Save a buck on building costs

So you have decided to build your dream home on that patch of ground you purchased a few years ago as an investment. But while building your dream home is quite a costly affair there are easier and more cost-effective ways to build your home. No, it’s not “get the cheapest builders and products” but rather Going Green. Make sure the inside and outside reflect your green venture; saving money in the long and keeping you and your family healthy.

21 Insulation more important than you think

Going green in your home will eventually force you to start checking where your home is losing heat and where is the cold air creeping or leaving your home, forcing your family to have heaters on in every room or, in the summer, having fans on all night. By checking your windows and door linings for gaps and by fixing those gaps with “green” materials you instantly save your pocket and frustration in your home.

22 Constructing Green saves Environment

You are now at the design phase of building your new home. This is your chance to do your part for the environment. Building your home with sustainable, eco-friendly products will save money and the environment making your home perfect for you and your family.

Where the quality of life goes down for the environment, the quality of life goes down for humans.
– George Holland

23 Nature Provides

Water is all around us, perhaps not always above ground or visible to the eye but it is there. Fitting your home with the required tools to obtain water in two methods can save on that hefty water bill every month.  The first method is to create a borehole that can pump the water into your home, while the second method is to catch rain drops falling onto your roof.

24 Heating Water No Problem

Every night you dread the fight in your home over whose responsibility it was to switch on the geyser. So why not eliminate that entire situation by making use of tankless water heating? This type of system allows you to only heat the amount of water that you use and not a drop more. It heats as it travels through your pipes, again saving you on you electricity.

25 The Greener Choice for Lighting

We use light so much in our everyday lives and offices are not build to receive light throughout the day anymore. More space, more air conditioners, and less or smaller windows. Save your company or home a few bucks by making use of LED or CFL lights. They are a bit more expensive but they last much longer and use a lot less energy.

26 Conserving nature

Nature provides us with so much and at the rate we are going now, we might just use it all up before our children’s children can have a chance to experience it. By conserving our current natural resources, we help to ensure that it lasts and that future generations can also enjoy it.

27 Global Warming is Real

We have heard it, we have read it but has it really set in? Global warming is real and it is affecting our global climate system. Global warming has such a ripple effect that just does not end unless we break that circle. We can do that by making a  green change in our personal lives, The entire world’s climate has drastically changed over the last couple of years. Humans are largely to blame for this.  By going “green” when it comes to your choices you are already making a change.

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28 Creating Peace

What starts most wars? Resources, resources and more resources. Countries use up their resources that have been provided by nature but envy resources that are available in other countries such as oil and gas. To obtain these resources they then turn to trading which doesn’t always go the way that they want it to go. Eventually, greed gets the better of them and war breaks out. By going “green” and preserving the resources that are available in our countries and by finding new greener ways to do things in our homes we would require fewer things from other countries.

29 Local is Good

We all live in certain areas where there are a few local stores. Instead of driving kilometres away from your home just for a few items and spreading more carbon dioxide why not support locally. Local farmers markets and shops will have fresh products, and making it so much easier for your home to Go Green. By supporting locally you empower your own community.

30 Being Self-Sufficient

There are so many different ways that you can make your home and your family self-sufficient. By taking the first step towards installing solar panels, helps you to become electrically independent, not having to depend completely on your local municipality for electricity and save you money. By planting and growing your own food you ensure that you will always have food on the table. By creating your own water system that will catch rainwater you will not completely rely on the town reservoirs for water.

Global warming is no longer a philosophical threat, no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It’s our reality.
-Bill McKibben

31 Reduce your stress levels

We don’t realize it but the political situations, economic breakdowns and fear of losing your job can push your stress level right into the red. Why not relieve the stress by going green. If you go green in your home you provide food, water, and electricity for your home at almost no cost to you making the stress of job loss and economic breakdowns much less. And if the municipalities are  failing in their duties, your home will be running smoothly while your neighbour will be asking if he could perhaps use your shower and a bit of water.

32 Doing the right thing

Going green is not only a way to save money  and reduce stress levels but it is also the right thing to do. It teaches you and your family not to waste and to use resources only as required, making everything last for generations to come.

33 Change in Lifestyle

Every day we read about all these new diet supplements and food choices. A diet is for a short period of time and to keep off the weight is extremely hard. But by decide to make a lifestyle change will leave you looking good and feel healthy. By changing your lifestyle to a greener one you encourage your body and mind to also be cleaner and revitalized. By going green you learn to eat fresh and preserve.

34 Getting the Family Together

If you have a typical 20th century household where there are more text messages sent in the house than face to face conversations than going green is the perfect solution for bringing your family closer. One of those methods is let the children help with a vegetable and fruit garden, give them a few of the plants to look after and nurture making it their own learning project while getting their hands dirty. Once it is time for supper let them help pick the vegetables that they would like to taste and fruits that they want for dessert. This is just a small way that you can interact with your children on a daily basis and relax your own mind.

35 Cooking a Meal from Scratch

We all know that getting take-out or pre-cooked food is so much quicker, but we also know that it isn’t healthy for you or your pocket.The average family can easily spend thousands on take-out and pre-cooked meals every month. Don’t you think it wiser to save the extra money for your next family vacation? Cooking a home cooked meal does take time but it is all about preparation and getting the family involved. Let dad fry the steaks and the kids chop the vegetables while you prepare the sauce and all can enjoy a great family meal every night because you have gone green in your home.

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36  Keeping it Clean

What we mostly don’t realize is that every time we throw a can or plastic bag or bottle into the road or into a field we cause a ripple effect of events. If you constantly litter everywhere you are indirectly causing a mess zone that causes harm to humans and animals, by allowing organisms to breed. Might be creating your own circle of pollution by throwing waste such as plastic cans or bottles out of your window instead of placing it into the rubbish bins provided for recycling. Going green in your mind will help you to stop this circle and think twice.

37 Save our Animals

Animals play such an important role in our ecological system and yet we are the cause of some of the extinction. We have dominated but even though we are the stronger race we need to learn to preserve and help these animals find homes otherwise our future generations will never see these animals in real life. Polluting water and air, while using up all the natural resources for business gains while poaching for sport and financial gain is killing our animals. We have the power to control and even in some stop this.

38 Boost your market value

The hottest thing on the home market right now is a green home. Buying a home, renovating and reselling or renting it out is one of the leading methods of financial gain. Now you can boost your market price by at least 5% when you go green in your homes market value. Someday you want to retire and purchase your dream home  at the beach home with just enough space for the kids to visit. By selling your home for more value, you might just get that unique chance.

39 Healthy sugar for kids

Struggling to get your children to eat fruits that contain healthy natural sugars? no problem! Get them interested in creating their own fruit garden. Once you have decided to go green in your home you give yourself and your family the chance to plant and grow their own fruit that they can feel proud of.  This will help your children to not only to eat healthy sugars but to step away from the laptops and TV screens and teach them to play outside and enjoy nature.

40 Speeding up delivery

If you are a business owner that makes use of a delivery system, then going green is your answer to speedy deliveries. If you deliver locally to businesses and homes then making use of bicycles that can move through traffic and take short cuts is just your answer to speed up your business, it is also the greener choice.

41 It forces you to prepare

Meals at certain times every day is so important. It helps us to sustain energy levels throughout the day and if your body knows that food it coming it will not store fat as a reserve causing you to gain weight. But how do you go about teaching your body these meal times? By preparing. If you go green in your pantry then you are forcing yourself to plan your meals ahead of time as some of the Ingredients need to be boiled or chopped. By preparing a menu every day takes away that frustrating question of “What to make for supper tonight?” and stops you from spending money unnecessarily.

42 Boost Morale

Going green with your company will not only make your current clients happy but it will also boost the morale under you employees. A company can reach new heights if their employees enjoy their work and work environment.

“Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.”

Barack Obama

43 Attract more customers

Firstly, if your company goes green you can be assured that someone is going to notice and it is going to create a chain event. Secondly, you will most definitely attract more clients. People like to see companies that care for the environment, it shows that they will care for their customers as well. Attract more business by going green.

44 Sustain your business for longer

Outlive you competitors. By reducing the impact that your company has on the environment you give your company the opportunity to thrive long after your competitors have faded away.

45 Away with disposable

How tempting is it to purchase disposable plates, bowls, knives and forks to reduce your dishwashing load after dinner? But what does it help the environment and your pocket if there is more and more waste after every meal? In the end, your garbage will be more every month. You will also have to purchase plastic cutlery on a monthly basis that can also get quite expensive.


46 Other ways to be Greener in your Home

Dinner parties are always such fun, but very costly on your pocket. One way to make your cash value stretch a bit when hosting a party is to make use of cloth napkins. This way you only purchase it once and it lasts for a lifetime. You have already installed a water saver system and therefore you only pop them into the wash afterwards and use again and again and again.

47 Pressure Cooker for Green Home

You have now installed your solar system to save on energy in you home after you decided to go green, well now save even more. By making use of a pressure cooker. You can prepare and entire meal in about 70 percent less time and save about 70 percent on your energy usage.

48 A Little Less Meat

Not all meals need to have meat in it. Did you know that around 70 percent of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed to make way for the raising of cows and other animals that we obtain meat from? By cutting down on the meat you are doing your part to save rainforests and animals. There is a large majority of meals that can be made without adding meat. By cooking the vegetables and making salad, from your green garden, you also save your pocket.

49 Make your Own Compost

You have started building your own greenhouse and vegetable garden, but now you need compost. Instead of spending money on a harmful fertilizer, make your own. There are always scraps of food left, get a big bucket that everyone can throw their scraps of food into and create your own compost heap. This helps you recycle old food while growing new food. Now how eco-friendly is that?

50 Away with Disposable

How tempting is it to purchase disposable plates, bowls, knives and forks to reduce your dishwashing load after dinner? But what does it help the environment and your pocket if there is more and more waste after every meal? In the end, your garbage will be more every month. You will also have to purchase plastic cutlery on a monthly basis that can also get quite expensive.

51 Save on Doctors

No one likes a sick household. Going green with your families meals every day you save on doctors bills as fresh organic foods have little to no preservatives and the fresher the food is the healthier it is for all of your organs. By freshly squeezing orange juice, you provide your family with at least five times more Vitamin C than any juice purchased at your supermarket. Give your family fresh fruit from your fruit garden for breakfast that contains healthy sugar that their bodies can easily turn into energy instead of heaps of sugar on their cereal.

52 Gardening

With our ozone layer so badly affected by our carbon foot print, we have to create more shade and replant more trees. Plant a tree in your backyard under which you and your family can enjoy Saturday afternoon picnics.


53 Company Waste

If your company or the company you work for disposes of hazardous waste, then making your company or convincing your employer to go green is important. Thousands of tons of hazardous waste is thrown into our oceans which harms our ocean wildlife. The waste discarded out in fields seeps into the grown and poisons the underground water system. Polluting the water systems that is provided by Mother Nature will cause our future generations to struggle when it comes to finding and using clean water.

54 Littering – Destroying children’s playground

Wouldn’t you like your children to play in a clean park? Or even enjoy a morning jog without having to watch where you step because there is litter everywhere? Or perhaps not feel embarrassed when tourists visit the country and see litter all over the streets. Littering is directly polluting the environment. By going green and teaching your children not to litter you can create a ripple effect as they will teach their friends and someday their children not to litter keeping the streets and parks clean for everyone to enjoy.

55 Purchasing Smart

When you and the family go shopping for you monthly groceries, shop smart by purchasing items that can be recycled or reused. This way you will save your money while you save the planet.

56 Join Groups

Everyone can do with more friends and the best way to make new friends that can help you to pursue your “go green” goals is to join groups that stand for the same goals that you do. There will be people that can advise you on how to go about making the required changes and assist you.

57 Be Part of a Community

Earlier we said that by purchasing local you support your community, now you can even go further and be a part of that community in a hands-on manner. If you have successfully converted your home into a green home then invite your friends and family to see first-hand how wonderful it is. Visit garden markets and farmer markets and share your success, help others who would also like to go green. This way you will have “paid it forward” to the planet and community. Help to grow an eco-friendly community that everyone can be proud of.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

– Marshall McLuhan

58 Resource Awareness

There are natural resources all around us that we miss every single day because we are always in such a rush. By going green you force yourself to inspect your surroundings and learn what you have available to you. Once you know which resources are available you will quickly learn which resources you require and how to obtain them with less environmental impact.

59 Reward from Government

Believe it because it is true. In some countries, governments reward for purchasing or building an eco-friendly home. For instance, if you stay in Britain you will receive a reward such as a 20 – 25-year interest-free home loan or if you are in America then there are tax advantages. Governments know how important it is to go green and it’s trying to endorse it by making it easier to get loans for “green” homes.

60 Materials Last Longer

One thing that all home builders like to hear is that there is a lifetime guarantee on a product. That is exactly the situation when building with eco-friendly products. 90% of all products used, such as Solar Panel, in constructing your home so that it is an eco-friendly home have a lifetime guarantee.

61 Toxic Free

Some of the building materials used, such as plastics, in conventional buildings, emits toxins into the home during the first few months that makes it difficult to breathe however building with “green” materials eliminates this.

62 Lighter, Thinner & Stronger

Materials such as recycled beams are becoming a trend as they are lighter, thinner and stronger than some of the conventional wooden beams and last much longer as well. It basically only takes around 3, old recycled vehicles to provide frames for your entire home, saving quite a few trees.


63 Save your wallet future expenses

Some governments are slowly but surely passing laws which force people to go green in their homes in an attempt to preserve the planet. The implication of this is that at some stage everyone is going to go green in an instance storming the market raising the products price immensely. So jumping the gun and getting your home set up as eco-friendly saves your pocket.

64 Lower maintenance costs – Lower

A home owners main priorities are to maintain the state of their home. Building your home with eco-friendly materials ensures that you will have far less maintenance that needs to be done momentarily as eco-friendly materials last much longer than the conventional products.

65 Healthy Indoor Environment

Caring for your family by providing a safe and healthy home environment is always the biggest priority. Making your home a green home is one of the biggest steps that you can take providing them with that healthy and safe environment. Letting in sunlight and fresh air, using non-toxic materials and eating fresh vegetables and fruits makes it easy to ensure your families health.

66 Enjoy a less stressed lifestyle

Feeling closer to your family and to nature is a priceless feeling. When your home is converted into a green home you will automatically be more relaxed as your monthly payments will be far less and you will have far fewer frustrations like power outages and no water giving you more time with your family and far less stress.

I conceive that the land belongs to a vast family of which many are dead, few are living, and countless numbers are still unborn.

– Nigerian Chief

67 Recycling Business

Ever wondered what happened to all the tyres after they have been worn out and changed, well they can be turned into a profitable business opportunity. Tyres can be used to create numerous items for instance: road construction materials, fuel, and sandal soles. So before you just through away those old tyres think of going green and recycle them first and put a bit of money back into your pocket

68 Flooring a Hazard

Vinyl flooring makes use of PVC, which is popular for homes all over, however, the basis of this flooring is a plastic which as previously explained is toxic to your home. Making use of eco-friendly materials for your flooring in your home will ensure that you keep your family safe and healthy.

69 Save on Swimming Pool Maintenance

Come summer we tend to spend hundreds if not thousands to get that clear clean pool for the family to enjoy. Why not take a few bucks from your pocket and convert your pool into an eco-friendly wetlands pool that cleans itself and can become a very calming and relaxing get-together area in your home?  You divide your pool into two areas; one side you build up so that it creates a wall that water can flow over, the other side of the pool you can fill with plants as recommended by your nursery that would produce oxygen for the fish that you place in. The one side is then a fish pond and the other is a pool. Make sure to explain to your local nursery what it is that you would like to do and they will be able to provide you with the correct pumps and plants that will help keep your pond/pool clean and fresh as it will maintain itself. This will also be a great attraction for your children.

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70 Tech and Eco-friendliness

Technology has advanced so much, making it possible for us to sign documentation electronically, bank electronically, and even make memos and write reports without touching a pen or paper. By making your home eco-friendly you already save on electricity because you have installed solar panels, 90% of the technology runs on energy. By making your home “green” and technologically friendly you save a few thousand trees every day.

71 Its Inspirational

Living a “green” lifestyle is all about preserving and treasuring the resources we are provided with. By taking the leap and going green in your home you will wake up every morning feeling inspired as you and your family will be leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be counting all of your blessings every morning.

72 Get out of Debt

Using all the methods to go green and saving money every month you now have the ability to get yourself out of that uncomfortable debt situation. You can start to pay the money you have been saving towards your loans and before you know it your loans are paid off and you have lots of extra money to take your family on a great summer holiday.

73 Attractive Designing

Designers all across the globe are being inspired by the “green” initiative and because of that, the internet is crawling with new innovative ideas on how to change the design in your home to a “green” design that looks remarkable. We would all  love to have a home we can be proud of, with great green designing you will be.

74 Teach Respect

By teaching your children to live in an eco-friendly environment and provide their own food. You are teaching them to respect our planet and preserve it.

75 Survival

Teaching your family to grow their own food and live without items such as electricity provided by municipalities is your way of teaching your family to survive. To prevail and look after themselves.

Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.

– Carl Sagan

76 Independence

We all want our children to grow up to be independent. Taking your home the green root already shows them how to save money and provide for themselves all that is left for you to do is teach them how to work with money. Going green has taken care of the rest.

77 Be Aware of Your Intake

Most of us are always in such a hurry when we purchase our groceries or a few items at the store that we neglect to read the labels and make sure that what we put in out body’s is healthy. Changing your family’s lifestyle to a green lifestyle teaches you to take caution of what you feed yourself and them.  This will make you so much more aware of what is on the labels of the items that you purchase and even in some cases you know where the products are coming from.

78 Less Construction Waste

After you have built your new home there is always a load of waste material left behind that makes a mess and creates the situation of having to get rid of all of it. By building “green” you will have far less waste if not any that will making it much easier to enjoy your new home once it is completed.

79 Adaptable Home

Because you and your family grow and change in taste it is very easy to change your once pool table area into Susan’s dance practise area and your sunroom next to the pool area into a drumming practising room. 90% of the designs of eco-friendly homes is open areas that can be converted into various rooms.

80 Recycle by Donating

Ever felt that warm feeling of accomplishment met you give. Now it can be a part of your lifestyle. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle will make your first chose when finding something in your home you no longer use to donate it instead of throwing it away. Giving something that is seen as not useful by you is perhaps exactly what someone else needs.

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81 Staying Young

All of us would like to look younger for longer, now you can. If you go  green it means making small changes such as using organic shampoos, conditioners, soaps and creams for your body. Normal products are packed with chemicals that seep into your skin and organs every time you use them, unlike organic products that come straight from nature. Feeding your skin with nature’s best is the way to keep it young.

82 Protect your Hands

Every time we clean our home we make use of chemicals but we do not always wear gloves which mean our hands and nails are exposed to those harsh chemical reactions. Changing your home into a “green” home means that you make use of cleaning chemicals that are more eco-friendly and much more friendly to your hands and nails. It will also be less harmful to your pets and family.

83 Economical Impact

All companies in the world have the opportunity to boost the economy. But how is that possible? Well if all businesses go green open up job opportunities making the numbers of jobless people a lot less your company will be cutting on costs and have extra funds to pay extra employees. Also, the lower and middle-class man would be able to afford more as products will be much more affordable. If all households go green and save on their monthly expenses they will spend more into the economy.

84 Education

Educating your children in the 21st-century methods that are available to go green makes it so much easier on them when the governments decide that they want all the residents to go green.

85 Get rid of Junk Mail

Don’t we all get irritated when you receive envelopes and envelopes of junk mail in you postbox on a weekly basis? Contact those companies directly and tell them you are not interested and to stop sending you mail. As this will save so many trees in our ecosystem and save you frustration. There are also websites that you can visit to remove your post details so insurance and cell phone companies can stop sending you junk mail.

86 Lunchboxes

Spicing up your kid’s lunch/snack boxes or even your own is always a problem, now you can make it interesting by making use of plastic, zipper pencil bags. Use the bag to place a surprise snack into the kid’s lunchboxes with a picture on that they like. Use these snack bags for yourself as you can carry them in your purse or place them in your husband’s briefcase.  These are washable in the washing machine and works like a zip lock bag however you will only have to buy them once and just reuse.

87 Stylish yet practical

Washcloths can be bought in almost every colour and at an affordable price. Getting a few of them and placing them in your bathroom for guest to dry their hands is not only stylish but also practical and save on tissue paper in your home which also means less waste in your home. Going green means saving our planet and less waste is a big step towards that.

88 Supporting “Green” organizations

Every day we all try and do our good deed for the day, whether it is helping someone over the road or change a tyre or just donate food. Well, now you can do your good deed while doing something fun, shopping. Every time you purchase any products of items you can just have a look if they are supporting a “green” organization and by purchasing it you donates some of the funds to that organization.

“The activist is not the man who says that the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river”

– Ross Perot

89 Thrift Shopping

Like the saying goes “ one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Go thrift shopping  for items in your home. You can refurbish and replenish the products and bring a bit of decorated style back to your home. This saves your pocket and helps to create less waste in the world.

90 Waste Removal

If your company produces a lot of waste and you have to constantly arrange and pay for the removal of the waste then it is definitely time to go green. Going green will produce less waste as you will be recycling more and save on your monthly waste removal expenses.

91 Transport to Fitness

We all lead a very busy lifestyle with family, work etc. So for most people, it is not a possibility to work out every day. If you are fortunate enough to stay in an area that is centrally located to all the schools, work and grocery shops then the answer is bicycles. You do not have to use the bicycles every day but make a rule of it to at least use it once or twice a week. If you need to run to the shop quickly and it is just too far to walk and just to close to drive then make use of the bicycle. This way you have a fun time with the family and get fit plus you save the planet ever time.

92 Food Preparation

Dinner time is family time, but do you always have lots of food left that you place in the fridge and forget about, ending up throwing it out which means more waste for the planet if you do not have a compost bucket that you throw everything in. Also wasting money. By making sure you portion the meals correctly you save your pocket and lessen waste in the world.

93 Pots and Pans

Cast Iron. These two words will not only help you to cook food faster, saving energy but also does not have non-stick plastics on top that heat up every time you use them and releases toxins into your food. Cast Iron pots and pans last much longer as well saving you money in the long run and they are also easy to clean.

94 Learn Sewing

Sewing is such a handy craft to know. A lot of the waste that ends up in the land fields is textiles because if something has a small rip or a tear we tend to throw it out. By learning to sew you give yourself the opportunity to mend holes and make the clothes last much longer.

95 Reuse of Ziploc Bags

We all use plastic bags in our home to freeze meats and store vegetables. Instead of using and throwing away the plastic bags why not purchase Ziploc bags once and reuse them. Ziploc bags can be washed and reused over and over again, saving you money again and making your waste less.

96 Swap Party Opportunity

This is something you can get your entire family involved in especially if the kids have a lot of toys. A swap party is an opportunity for your family, close friends, to get together and swap. Everyone brings items that they will no longer be using, such as clothes, juicers, waffle makers etc. and swap it for something of yours that they want or need. This allows you to save money on purchasing items and helps to lessen the items that end up on the land fields. And it is also fun.

97 Re-purpose

It is almost like reusing items except now your creative juices need to flow. Instead of just reusing a glass jam jar to store sauces or small items, paint it with glass paint and use it for small pot plant on your windowsill. Find new inventive ways to use items again and again and again in your home. Giving it new life This once again saves you money and makes your waste footprint so much lighter.

98  Water Bottles

Drinking a lot of water is essential to everyone’s health, however, how do you go about being eco-friendly when drinking water? Your solution: Water bottles. There are great water bottles on the market, some even have their own filters inside. Purchase one bottle for each person in your home, in different colours, and teach them to drink water out of it the entire day. You can take it with you everywhere ensuring you drink it all and that you do not purchase water or cold drink every time someone is thirsty.

99 The Coffee/ Tea Cup

If you cannot start your day without getting your Starbucks or Mugg & Bean coffee then here is a hint will help you to go green. It is called a travel mug. Purchase a travel mug and take it with you to your favourite coffee shop, then make your coffee in there. These will keep coffee nice and warm for longer while lessening the waste you create.

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100 Shopping Bags

Shopping for groceries has become an everyday task and every day you pay for the bags and then throw them away. Save a buck; purchase a few shopping bags and leave one or two in your vehicle.

101 Recycle

Implement a recycle bin system at your work and in your home. You will be amazed at the products you throw out. You can trade some of the recycled materials for a bit of money making it a win-win situation.  Others you can take to factories or areas that collect recycling materials.

102 Switching off your appliances

Every time an appliance is plugged in and the plug is switched on it uses energy. Unplug the appliances you are not using regularly and switch off plugged in items you are not currently using. This will also extend the lifespan of your appliances and help you to save on your electricity bill.

103 Job creation

Going green has the ability to create jobs. By going green you recycle items and those recycled items need to go somewhere where they can be recycled, packaged and resold.  So by recycling your used items you ensure that someone gets to put food on their table every night.

104 Teaching kids To Save

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle teaches kids from a young age to save. Teaching them to switch off the lights when not using a room or to close the tap while brushing their teeth are just some examples of how your children can grow up to be eco-friendly individuals.

Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the people of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.

– Chief Seattle

105 Save Petrol

Once you go green you will be more aware of how many different types of gas are released into the air. So why not save on your petrol expenses and lower the pollution level at the same time.  By having the kids carpool to school, soccer games or even dance lessons you will save petrol on a daily basis.

106 Save on School Material Costs

We have all experienced the financial crunch when it comes to January, especially if you have to purchase new school uniforms and supplies. Save yourself a bit of money when this time comes and look for those supplies that say recycled. These items work just as well and cost far less, saving you money.

107 Batteries can Cost Less

90% of children’s toys these days run on batteries. Even the educational ones. So to save yourself a bit of cost and frustration; purchase a reusable battery charger once and a few rechargeable batteries. This way you do not have to run to the store late at night to get some batteries for your TV remote because you used them for Tommy’s new toy. Battery acid is extremely harmful to nature and by making use of rechargeable  batteries you ensure that far less of that acid ends up on the land.

108 Clean Parks

How nice is it to be able to go to the park with your children on a Saturday morning, to enjoy a bit of sunshine and family time? For many this fun experience has been interrupted because parks are being littered on and are not maintained. Being part of your local community means you can reach out to them and involve them in treasuring our parks and guarantee that lots of families get to enjoy some outdoor fun with their kids. Keeping parks clean also means you preserve a piece of our planet.

109 You Can Save on Lights

All houses have lights but are you sure your light bulbs are not over using power and costing you more money? Go green with your light bulbs and see the difference in your monthly bill. Most stores now sell light bulbs that are more eco-friendly.

110 Be More Active

Being more active can leave you feeling healthier while encouraging your family to be active can bring you closer together. There are a number of ways that you can be more active. Take these examples for instance: By helping to keep the parks clean you will find yourself being outdoors more often. By having your own vegetable and fruit gardens you keep the whole family actively involved in their meals and by using bicycles the entire family gets in that much-needed exercise.  These are just a few of the reasons why going green will make your family more active.

111  Create Beautiful Scenery

Planting trees and flowers is one of the fun things to do when going green. Your garden is something you should be proud of so why not extend that to being proud of the surrounding areas around your home. Where there is an empty field or space plant a suitable tree or create some form of art with  plants. There are so many affordable ideas out there. Your home is your sanctuary so make it attractive and let it reflect your “green” activities.

112  Watering at the Right Times

Water is such an important resource. One thing that takes up a lot of this resource is watering your plants. So by making sure you water your plants at the right times you will ensure that the water is not wasted through evaporation and you will save on your water bill as you will use far less water.

113 Choosing a More Suitable Vehicle

If you have to make use of a vehicle and can not just rely on getting around with public transport then buy smart. Purchasing a dark coloured vehicle means that it will get much hotter, much quicker if it stands in the sun and take a lot longer to cool off. On the other hand, a white or light coloured vehicle takes longer to get hot inside in the sun and can cool off a lot quicker making it the better chose for you. 90% of all eco-friendly vehicles come in light colours and their fuel consumption is great.  A quick tip: White coloured vehicles are much easier to sell or trade in when necessary.

114 Exotic Pets

All families get to a stage where they want to choose a family pet. While getting an exotic pet will be interesting and a great addition to your home, they can be a little expensive. Stick to your green home roots and get a domestic pet from your local SPCA or pet sanctuary organization. There are thousands of great cats and dogs that need a good home. Before purchasing one for thousands of rands at your local pet store, go take a walk through the sanctuaries and see if one does not crawl or claw its way into your heart.

115 Scraps

There is always scraps of paper, plastic, paint and crayons around the house when you have children. Why not use that to your advantage? Sticking to your green home surroundings, make use of all scrap items around the house and let the kids help you make the next Birthday card. Not only will this get their creative juices flowing it will save you money and give you quality time with your family.

116 Mother Nature’s Heating and Cooling System

Most houses have resorted to air-conditioning when it comes to winter and summers. However what most people don’t realise it how sick they make you. Air-conditioners make rooms hotter or cooler than what the temperature is outside causing your body temperature to  jump up and down instantly every time you walk out the door. If your body temperature is not stable in a manner then you are prone to picking up flu viruses so much quicker.  Mother nature has provided us with its own temperature regulating system; the sun. By opening up curtains on a rainy day instead of closing them you allow a little bit of sunshine that is coming through to warm up your home. Use a blanket if the sunshine is not enough. On a warm day open those windows and put on a fan close to the windows, this way air will circulate and cool the room. Air-conditioners use up a lot of energy and can be quite costly at the end of the day.

117 Save, Save, Save

If your entire household goes green and just makes a few small changes you can save a lot of money every month as well as help in the efforts to save the planet each day.

Going green is a complete lifestyle change that makes you more active, more aware and a lot healthier.

So why not go green today?

Do you have any tips we might have missed? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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